Types of Pushups

Basic Pushup

Where it all began, helps build upper body muscular strength. Works the pectorals (chest), shoulders (deltoids), abs (stomach) and triceps (upper arms).

Diamond Pushup

Performed in a similar method to the Basic Pushup, except you place your hands under the centre of your chest in a diamond formation with your index fingers touching and thumbs touching. You then lower and raise yourself as you would for a basic pushup. These work your inners pecs and also your triceps.

Wide Pushup

Same as the standard pushup, but put your hands as wide as you can get them. Lower yourself and then pushup. Will work out your outer pecs and also your deltoids too.

Decline Pushups

Same as the normal push-up, except you place your feet on a stable chair or bench. This allows you to hit your upper pecs more. You can do these on a chair or a bench. Once you get good at Decline pushups you can try them on an unstable surface like an exercise ball which will help work out your stabiliser muscles. It's probably not a good idea to do them on an office chair with wheels.

Weighted pushups

Same as the basic pushup, but with extra weight on your back to provide extra resistance. Be careful not to add too much weight as it is very easy to over-do it and the extra weight can also hurt your back.

Plyometric (clap your hands) Pushups

These are a kind of explosive pushup and help build muscle quickly. To do them, set yourself up for a Basic Pushup then lower yourself and then pushup quickly with enough force that your have enough time to clap your hands in the air and then put your hands back on the ground to lower yourself and repeat.