What is PushUp Australia?

PushUp Australia is a tool that allows you to log and track how many pushups you do over time. The graphing and stats system will give you a way to visualise your progress and journey to ongoing physical fitness.

We hope to inspire Australians to include a sustainable fitness and exercise routine into their lifestyle which should lead to a better quality life.

We have a goal of Australians doing 1 Billion pushups. PushUp Australia members can also pledge 1 cent for every pushup they do to an Australian charity or cause of their choice. If everyone chooses to pledge and we surpass the 1 Billion pushup goal, $10 million will have been pledged and hopefully donated to Australian charities and causes.

Why Pushups?

Almost everyone has done a couple of pushups in their life. Pushups are an excellent upper body exercise. While they are simple to do, they are not easy. With diligence, training and mental toughness, pushups can be mastered. Different types of pushups work out different sets of muscles. Their difficulty can be made easier by doing them against a wall or on your knees and can be made harder by adding weight to your back or by doing them on a decline.

Push ups can be done with no equipment. They can even be done in the nude, if that's your thing. They do not take a lot of time to do and can be done pretty much anywhere. Use your common sense though. If your friends have a no pushup policy, it's probably not a good idea to do your pushups while their guest.

A Billion Pushups

Yes, a billion is a lot of pushups. But every pushup logged counts. If enough Australians get involved, the goal can be reached, and even surpassed. For instance, if 100,000 Australians do 25 pushups every day, (that's 9,125 pushups each), it will take a year to reach a billion. If 50,000 people get involved, it might take 2 years. The flip side of course is if every Australian joins PushUp Australia, it would take less than 2 days to get there.

One Cent Pledge

All PushUp Australia members have the option of pledging 1 cent for every pushup they do to an Australian cause or charity. So if you do 25 pushups a day and pledge 1 cent for each pushup, over a year you would donate $91.25 directly to your cause. You can stop (and start) pledging by updating your PushUp Australia profile at any time. Tax deductible donations can only be made to a deductible gift recipient (DGR). If you wish to write off your donation against your taxable income, you should verify the recipient's deductible gift recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to make sure your cause or charity meets the DGR conditions.

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